“Cox Bay Break”

The setting sun leaves Cox Bay in a golden glow. Fall 2018.


“Morning Glory”

After spending the night sleeping on the deck of an old fire lookout, we woke up to one of the most incredible displays of light I have ever witnessed in the mountains. A passing lightning storm created a hazy atmospher which was then lit up by the morning sun. July 2019.



On our first day in Glacier National Park, after driving through a massive hail and rain storm on 3 hours of sleep, we arrived at the parking lot. We raced up the boardwalk as the clouds started to catch colour and made it just in time for the show. An incredible start to the trip. July 2019.




Shi Shi Beach, Olympic National Park, a park that almost feels like a second home with the amount of times I’ve visited. This trip was my first time camping on a beach and it was everything I hoped it would be. This was taken on the second night of our visit. May 2019.


Another shot from Shi Shi Beach during our first sunset of the trip. Shortly after this shot was taken I found myself talking to an older man who said he had been visiting this beach for 15 years and this was the first time he had seen the sun set so perfectly between the two sea stacks. I’m honored that I was there to witness it.



Minutes before the sun set below the tree line, the heat burned though the layer of fog hovering over the ocean, leaving the beach in a golden light only for a moment. May 2019.


“Pot of Gold”

Taken during golden hour at Little Qualicum Falls on an early Spring evening, 2019.


“The Weeping Eye”

At the start of 2019 I rounded up a few of my friends to go searching for this cave we had all heard of. It’s a bit of a tricky spot to access. You need either a long rope or extention ladder to make it off of the cliff and onto the rocks below. You also need to visit during the lowest tide of the month as that’s the only time where the water is low enough to make your way around into the cave. These reasons make this shot a very special one to me. It represents what I love most about living on the Island/West Coast, constantly exploring and finding new things.


“A Moment in Time”

From the same cave, but looking out. Winter 2019.


“Swept Away”

After a rain storm, which turned into a hail storm, the clouds on the Coast of Vancouver Island started to part, leaving the beach in a golden glow. Winter 2018


“End of the Tunnel”

Taken on a hike up 5040 during the early Fall of 2018. We started our ascend during a blue bird morning but were quickly fogged out. We sat 100 feet from the peak for a couple of hours in hopes of the fog burning off and sure enough 30 minutes before sunset, the sun started to break through and left us with an incredible view of Cobalt lake and Triple peak in the distance.


“Frozen in Time”

A brisk -13 C morning in Paradise Meadows, Winter 2019


“The Three Giants”

Cathedral Grove (Macmillan Provincial Park), one of my go to spots, on a whimsical morning during late Fall, 2018.


“Super Blue Wolf Blood Moon”

A timelapse styled photo of the Super Blue Wolf Blood Moon rising over Rathtrevor Beach, Winter 2018


“Land Before Time 2”

From the same night as the image on the left, but 30 minutes prior. This shot features Chesterman Beach.

“Land Before Time”

A roaring sunset over the hills behind Cox Bay, Tofino. Fall 2018


“Sandstone Twilight”

Taken in the Fall of 2018. A beautiful post sunset sky lightens up the rich sandstone at Sandcut Beach.



After a big snowfall during the Winter of 2018, I ventured out to Cathedral grove to capture the giant douglas firs covered in snow.


“Burnt” & “Burnt 2”

After a week of constant rain and wind, the skies cleared up on this Spring evening in 2017. Both shots were taken at Rathtrevor Beach, 15 minutes apart.


“Autumn Daydream”

Taken on a beautifully foggy morning inside one of my favourite sections along the Englishman River during the fall of 2018. A long exposure reveals a small whirl pool trapping in some bubbles at the base of the waterfall.


“Seasons Remnants”

From a hike up Triple Peak in the late Fall of 2018. The remnants of the fall foliage from the trees at the back of the lake had washed up on the front and made for a great foreground under the stars.


“Out of This World”

Summer 2018, This shot was taken on the final night of a road trip through the Olympic National Park. We were blessed with a perfectly clear sky and a new moon. There’s nothing better than hanging out under a sky full of stars.



From a road trip to Olympic National Park. Ruby Beach, August 2017.


“Monsters of the Mist”

During a roadtrip with my girlfriend in the Summer of 2018 I ventured out onto Cannon beach during a foggy morning and took this shot, pre-sunrise.



During a calm overcast evening in the early Fall of 2018, I headed to Cameron Lake to hopefully capture a beautiful sunset in the rarely flat lake. Though the lake was flat when I got there, the clouds were low and blocking the sun. After packing up and heading out, the lower clouds moved and higher clouds, cast in a pink hue were revealed. I quickly turned around and re set up my tripod just in time to capture this beautiful scene


“Super Blue Blood Moon”

The Blue Blood Moon setting over Mt. Arrowsmith, January 2018.

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“The Eruption of St. Helens”

A sky full of clouds erupting in colour during sunset over Mt. St. Helens during a road trip in August 2017



An evening at Mystic Beach, Winter 2017.


“Above the Jungle”

Taken from the Cox Bay lookout in Tofino. About an hour and a half after sunset, Summer 2018.